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How to Get Tested

Kari Carson is listed at UCLA Medical Center. There are two ways to start the evaluation process to see if you are a potential match for Kari. 


You can click on this link to fill out an online questionnaire with UCLA.  You will need Kari's full name (Karin Carson) and date of birth, 07/07/1979.


All information submitted will go to UCLA only -  medical information for potential donors cannot be shared directly with Kari or her family at any point in the process. Upon completing the questionnaire, you will get an automated response from the system informing you if you are eligible to move forward with the donor evaluation process. 

You will then be assigned a nurse coordinator who will be responsible for coordinating additional testing and educating you through the donation process.  


You may also contact UCLA’s toll free donor line at (866) 672-5333 to start the evaluation process or to simply ask questions and get more information. 

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